The Hoodoo Library

Going forward, I will only be sharing new content about hoodoo in the Spirit Roots Hoodoo Library – a new project where I will develop and share lots of new articles and posts organized all in one place for beginner juju babies all the way up to advanced rootworkers!

All content within the Library is created by and for black rootworkers, which means that all sources of information regarding hoodoo come from black rootworkers only. Click here to read more about the tutorials, recipes, directories, and databases that are inside.


Accessing the Library

For all these reasons, the Library will only be accessible to those who have the passcode in order to keep all this content in the hands of those who truly can practice hoodoo. Only people of African descent have the ancestral link to rootworking traditions that is necessary to practice them.

To get access, simply submit your email below, and you’ll soon be sent easy instructions for receiving the library passcode. Your email will remain private and will not be used for any other purpose!