This right here is literally a huge reason why I’ve shifted away from Tumblr to WordPress. I’m glad to see bloggers like @witches-ofcolor and her sister @visibilityofcolor speaking up about these trends.

The way in which close-mindedness mixed with a childish desire to be right can quickly spiral into online bullying fueled by group mentalities is something I’ve not just experienced myself but also watched happening over and over again to many others… I’ve seen it enough to seriously worry about the state of our online communities across Tumblr and Discord.

I think it’s especially important what Aubrey (@witches-ofcolor) is saying about how every argument no matter how good the intent behind it has flaws. My arguments and opinions that I share across this website have their flaws too… because there’s always going to be another perspective, another side to things. I do my best to stand behind my beliefs, but I also try to be open to listening to those I disagree with and to acknowledge that my beliefs and opinions have changed over time.

I believe there are ways we can all constructively and compassionately challenge each other and openly share our honest opinions. And I hope that there are more folks out there who want to see that happen than those who are happy to just watch drama explode or feed into that toxic drama. I hope our communities can do better in supporting each other even when there are major differences in opinions among us. Because spiritual communities can’t successfully help our people to heal, be protected, and move towards spiritual growth if those communities are focused on bringing others in their community down rather than growing, learning, and admitting to mistakes together.

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