Spirit Roots is an online library and hub for resources and articles about Africana traditions, religion, history, and culture for people of African descent to help our community – especially throughout the diaspora – have access to positive representation and reliable resources for connecting with our ancestral practices.


The Story of Spirit Roots

Back in January 2018, Spirit Roots began on Tumblr as @spiritroots, which at the time was the social media home for my divination shop on Etsy. Over time this evolved into so much more as I began blogging about Africana traditions and getting more involved with the Witchblr and Black Tumblr communities.

I quickly realized just how much misinformation there is on Tumblr, across the internet, and throughout society in general about hoodoo, African traditional religions (ATRs), and other Africana traditions. This inspired me to use my blog to write and spread reliable resources and information as well as design and boost tutorials on hoodoo and other Africana traditions for people of African descent.

My journey through Spirit Roots on Tumblr and across numerous Discord communities was truly amazing as I got the chance to talk to, divine for, and learn from people from all over the world. When I first started, I never expected to have over seven thousand followers! Eventually, due to conflicts with my full-time job, I had to indefinitely close down my shop, but it has been a bit of a blessing in disguise since I’ve had a lot more free time to devote to writing and blogging.

Now a year after creating Spirit Roots, I’ve moved its main hub over to Word Press from Tumblr as a much bigger and better medium to publish new content and protect practical information about closed traditions from cultural appropriation. I still maintain my Tumblr blog as an archive and way to interact with the community there, but plan to keep all new content and most of my blogging here going forward.


Guiding Principles & Values

Umoja is the Swahili word for “unity.” To strive for a principled and harmonious togetherness in the family community, nation, and world African community.

My hope is to always develop and grow Spirit Roots in the spirit of Umoja. To harmoniously unite, connect, and stand up for one another is to be pro-black. This is an unapologetically pro-black space. Here you’ll find positivity for and representation of black people, history, and cultures including African American, African, Afro-Caribbean, and Afro-Latine cultures.

Umoja is also about the interconnections that make up our unity as a people. While Spirit Roots is inspired by our global community, it is also rooted in my personal spiritual journey. On that journey, I know that I will always be a student, and I hope to share some of the wisdom that elders and ancestors have passed on to me along the way. I purposefully bring my own perspectives and ideas to the table, and I strive to actively engage in meaningful and productive discourse about racism, colorism, cultural appropriation, and racial identity.

To have Umoja, we must also have respect for one another as equal family members of our community. This platform isn’t, cannot be, and should never be considered a single definitive source of information or representation for any of the topics that it covers. Spirit Roots is meant to be one source of resources among many, and my voice is one voice in the larger conversations that we are all a part of together. I always strive to listen carefully and do my best to balance voicing my own opinions and experiences with uplifting and raising up the voices of others.

Let’s reclaim our traditions, celebrate our heritage, uplift each other, and grow together… Harambe!

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