When looking to research and learn more about African traditional religions and Afro-diasporic traditions, here are some titles to get you started. All of these sources to the best of my knowledge are trustworthy and written by well-respected practitioners, noteworthy scholars, or scholar-practitioners.

Many of these books and articles I have read myself, and the ones that I have not read, I still did my best to vet the authors and read reviews of the books to check their quality. The majority of these authors are black, Afro-Latine, or Latine.


West African Yoruba Ifá / Isese

Many thousands of years ago, the Yoruba people of West Africa (primarily in Nigeria) developed an oral tradition and sacred literature called Ifá. Worship of the Orishas comes from the Yoruba people’s Ifá traditions.


Santería, Candomblé, & the Global Diaspora

Through the slave trade, Ifá traditions would become the basis of many Afro-diasporic religions around the world including Santería and Candomblé.

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