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Collective Growth in 2020

As I see the popularity and presence of Africana spirituality growing more and more, these become an increasing concern to me about the future of our traditions. Social media and online platforms are both an incredible way to spread empowering knowledge about our traditions, history, and culture – but without the wisdom and discernment of elders dedicated to teaching it carefully, that knowledge can be just as harmful to the preservation and genuine practice of those traditions as it can be for positive spiritual transformation.


QPOC & ATR Practitioner

Pride month may be technically over now that it’s July, but in honor of Pride this year, I’m finally gonna tackle a topic that I’ve shied away from for quite some time – the difficulties that come with being LGBTQ+ and practicing Africana traditions. I identify as queer and nonbinary, and I’m also a Lucumi aborisha, a rootworker, and a Palo Kimbisa practitioner. There’s … Read More QPOC & ATR Practitioner


Wearing White

While the mainstream and Eurocentric colors of magic and witchcraft for clothing tend to be black or deep purples and other darker hues, in many Afro-diasporic traditions the most popular color to wear is white. If you are starting down the road of Santería / Lucumí, you’ll quickly notice that it’s considered better to try to wear white or at least lighter shades in … Read More Wearing White


Egbe within West African Ifá

Osunbolaji Omidele (@empyreal-insights) is an olorisha of Ọṣun (Oshun) in West African Ifá tradition of Ilé Arira. In this post, she speaks not about being an Ọṣun priestess, but about the spirits called Egbe and the profound impact that they have had on her life. There are Egbe societies that you can be marked for initiation into, but this is not a concept that is … Read More Egbe within West African Ifá

Luisah Teish

The perspective of Iyanifa, Luisah Teish, on the Orishas and on Western views of the Yoruba traditions. She also starts off the video with a beautiful song to Elegba.