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Wearing White

While the mainstream and Eurocentric colors of magic and witchcraft for clothing tend to be black or deep purples and other darker hues, in many Afro-diasporic traditions the most popular color to wear is white. If you are starting down the road of Santería / Lucumí, you’ll quickly notice that it’s considered better to try to wear white or at least lighter shades in … Read More Wearing White


Learning about Orishas

Yesterday, I received my elekes and experienced spiritual initiation for the first time. It was one of the most joyful and blessed experiences of my life, and it has grown my perspective on the traditions of Lucumi in ways I couldn’t have imagined. While there is a lot about this experience that I won’t write and can’t share, I want to speak a little … Read More Learning about Orishas


Egbe within West African Ifá

Osunbolaji Omidele (@empyreal-insights) is an olorisha of Ọṣun (Oshun) in West African Ifá tradition of Ilé Arira. In this post, she speaks not about being an Ọṣun priestess, but about the spirits called Egbe and the profound impact that they have had on her life. There are Egbe societies that you can be marked for initiation into, but this is not a concept that is … Read More Egbe within West African Ifá


Phyllis Galembo

Photography by Phyllis Galembo (source)


Roberto Custodio

“Roberto Custodio is a self-taught artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil. His complex mixed-media collage works often feature saints, religious icons, gods, and goddesses… Brazil is considered one of the most religious countries in Latin America with the majority of the population identifying as followers of Roman Catholicism. Like many countries of the diaspora, Catholicism in Brazil is often interwoven with African indigenous religion and … Read More Roberto Custodio

Luisah Teish

The perspective of Iyanifa, Luisah Teish, on the Orishas and on Western views of the Yoruba traditions. She also starts off the video with a beautiful song to Elegba.


Salvador, Brazil