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Anti-Racist (Quote)

@Witches-OfColor on Tumblr Mob Mentality This right here is literally a huge reason why I’ve shifted away from Tumblr to WordPress. I’m glad to see bloggers like @witches-ofcolor and her sister @visibilityofcolor speaking up about these trends. The way in which close-mindedness mixed with a childish desire to be right can quickly spiral into online bullying fueled by group mentalities is something I’ve not just experienced myself but … Read More @Witches-OfColor on Tumblr Mob Mentality


Egbe within West African Ifá

Osunbolaji Omidele (@empyreal-insights) is an olorisha of Ọṣun (Oshun) in West African Ifá tradition of Ilé Arira. In this post, she speaks not about being an Ọṣun priestess, but about the spirits called Egbe and the profound impact that they have had on her life. There are Egbe societies that you can be marked for initiation into, but this is not a concept that is … Read More Egbe within West African Ifá