These are the questions that I’m asked often and common topics of interest. Click on each question to see the full answer. Please read these before asking me a new question. If you end up asking the same question, no worries I’ll just link you to a previous answer or back to here!

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Questions & Answers

Q: “Can I follow your blog [even if I’m white/not black/etc.]?” & “Can I reblog your posts?”
A: Absolutely! I try not to post anything on this site at a level of detail where it could actually be appropriated, and so you are welcome to browse anything here except the Hoodoo Library.

Q: “How do I pronounce ‘Yejide’ your nickname / spiritual name?”
A: It’s pronounced YEH – GEE – DAY. It’s a Yoruba name.

Q: “What does ATR mean?”
A: It’s an acronym that stands for African Traditional Religion.

Q: “What’s the difference between hoodoo and rootwork?”
A: They are two different names for the same African American folk tradition.

Q: “Given these circumstances / my background / my race / my situation, am I allowed to practice hoodoo/rootwork?”
A: Please refer to the post linked above. It covers most situations and provides an answer on whether or not you can practice hoodoo/rootwork.

Q: “I am interested in worshipping the Orisha. Am I allowed to do that and how do I go about it?”
A: Please refer to the post linked above that explains the different Orisha traditions and how to get involved.

Q: “I have more questions about hoodoo…”
A: See more at the Hoodoo FAQ!

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