The Spirit Roots Hoodoo Library is a growing collection of tutorials, traditional recipes, directories, and databases of information on everything from traditional Southern black belt hoodoo to modern urban rootwork. All content within the Library is created by and for black rootworkers, which means that all sources of information regarding hoodoo come from black rootworkers only.

This is a collaborative, on-going and evolving project, which means that more information, tutorials, and database entries will be updated, expanded, and added over time as its developed and researched. The Library mostly contains original content written by me (Yejide) but also features quotes and posts from other black authors, scholars, and rootworkers that are fully credited as a shareable/rebloggable embedded post or via a citation. Library members are always welcome to request new topics and article ideas or submit content that they’d like to be featured!


What’s in the Hoodoo Library?

The Library is divided into five main sections loaded with content for beginning juju babies all the way up to more advanced rootworkers. If you’re looking for helpful references and resources to support your practice, here’s what you’ll find…

JUJU BABY ZONE: Lots of resources on hoodoo basics such as ancestor work tutorials, an overview of key skills, a dictionary of basic terms and concepts, and articles on hoodoo history

HOW TO HOODOO: Step-by-step instructions and walkthroughs on rootworking techniques, skills, methods, and traditions

BOOK OF ROOTS: Traditional and modern recipes for making your own mojo bags, oils, powders, colognes, spiritual waters, honey jars, and more

HOODOO HERB DATABASE: A database of 70+ traditional hoodoo correspondences for herbs, roots, and other natural materials

ROOTWORK DIRECTORY: Frequently updated lists of black hoodoo bloggers, diviners, websites, and authors as well as black-owned shops for spiritual supplies




Protected Library Access

The internet has become an incredible platform for sharing about rootwork and helping our community connect with each other to reclaim our heritage in these traditions. Unfortunately, publicly posting also opens up a whole world of possibilities for cultural appropriation, spreading misinformation, and other issues…

For all these reasons, the Library will only be accessible to those who have an approved account in order to keep all this content in the hands of those who truly can practice hoodoo. Only people of African descent have the ancestral link to rootworking traditions that is necessary to practice them.


Become a Library Member

If you already have obtained Library access through the previous passcode protected security system, you may continue to use the May 2019 passcode through the Passcode Protected Edition of the Libray (enter by clicking here). Please create a Library account by February 2020 using the form below.
To become a Library member, simply submit the registration form below to create an account through the website for your personal access to the Library. You can update your email or password at any time or delete your account if you wish. Processing time for Library registration requests varies, so please wait up to five days before contacting us. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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