As an African-based ancestral tradition, hoodoo was originally taught orally within families and lineages from root doctor to student. When learning about rootwork from books in a world filled with misinformation and appropriation, it is crucial to be very mindful of the authors who we choose as our sources of information. This page is not a list of recommendations, but rather a list of black-authored texts (other than Hyatt) with accompanying commentary on the works to provide readers with information and warnings to encourage critical reading.


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The internet has become an incredible platform for sharing about rootwork and helping our community connect with each other to reclaim our heritage in these traditions. Unfortunately, publicly posting also opens up a whole world of possibilities for cultural appropriation, spreading misinformation, and other issues…

For all these reasons, the Library is only accessible to those who have an approved Library account in order to keep all the content in the hands of those who truly can practice hoodoo. Only people of African descent have the ancestral link to rootworking traditions that is necessary to practice them.

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