There are many important places to a rootworker – one’s home and land, the graveyard, fresh rivers and streams, areas where fresh herbs and roots can be harvested – but arguably none is more significant or powerful to hoodoo than the crossroads. It won’t be long before any beginner to hoodoo hears of the crossroads and picks up on just how central they are to the traditions. Learn about where the crossroads come from within African and Afro-diasporic traditions and what they mean to hoodoo.

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The internet has become an incredible platform for sharing about rootwork and helping our community connect with each other to reclaim our heritage in these traditions. Unfortunately, publicly posting also opens up a whole world of possibilities for cultural appropriation, spreading misinformation, and other issues…

For all these reasons, the Library is only accessible to those who have an approved Library account in order to keep all the content in the hands of those who truly can practice hoodoo. Only people of African descent have the ancestral link to rootworking traditions that is necessary to practice them.

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