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Simple & Clean (Photo Board)

SIMPLE & CLEAN  //  In Africana and Afro-Latine traditions and religions, there are so many ways to cleanse oneself of unwanted energies. With this photo board, I wanted to express a few simple but powerful ones that are common across many of our traditions including fresh water, spiritual baths, colognes, head wraps, eggs, and palo santo. All photos found on Pintrest, credits belong to original photographers … Read More Simple & Clean (Photo Board)


The Art of Adinkra (Photo Board)

THE ART OF ADINKRA  //  Adinkra designs come from the Asante and Baoules peoples of West Africa (mostly in Ghana), and they are arguably some of the most well-known African symbols through the diaspora and across the world. Though nowadays you’ll see them on jewelry and t-shirts, traditionally adinkra symbols are carved into stamps and printed on special cloth that was originally made for royalty. You can … Read More The Art of Adinkra (Photo Board)