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Simple & Clean (Photo Board)

SIMPLE & CLEAN  //  In Africana and Afro-Latine traditions and religions, there are so many ways to cleanse oneself of unwanted energies. With this photo board, I wanted to express a few simple but powerful ones that are common across many of our traditions including fresh water, spiritual baths, colognes, head wraps, eggs, and palo santo. All photos found on Pintrest, credits belong to original photographers … Read More Simple & Clean (Photo Board)


Wearing White

While the mainstream and Eurocentric colors of magic and witchcraft for clothing tend to be black or deep purples and other darker hues, in many Afro-diasporic traditions the most popular color to wear is white. If you are starting down the road of Santería / Lucumí, you’ll quickly notice that it’s considered better to try to wear white or at least lighter shades in … Read More Wearing White