Alafia! You can call me Yejide (yeh-gee-day), which means “she looks like her mother” in Yoruba. This name means a lot to me because I proudly draw on the strength of my ancestors and the women who came before me. Feel free to ask me questions if you’re curious or just drop by to say hi! I’m always happy to chat, and you can find me on Discord at Yejide#3485 or send a message here.


Life in the City


Growing up, I moved around a lot and lived in four different states across the US while also visiting my family in New Zealand. I never really stopped moving as I still travel almost every week for work – so please have patience if I reply to any messages slowly!

When I’m not on a plane or train, I make my home with my fiancé and kitty cat in NYC, and we often spend our weekends in Harlem or Jamaica, Queens. I absolutely love living in the city and having botanicas just a few subway stops around the corner from me. I draw most of my rootworking inspiration from traditional hoodoo, but my practice is also distinctively urban.

Given my ancestry and personal beliefs, I practice several different religions and spiritual traditions that you can read more about here. I often see harmony and complimentary overlaps between these paths, but I also respect them as distinct traditions and do not consider myself a universalist or an eclectic practitioner. I am also very careful to stay within the bounds of what I am allowed to practice within my traditions given my respective levels of training and/or initiation. If anything I do ever cross the bounds of cultural appropriation, I really appreciate constructive feedback as that’s something I always try to avoid.


More About Me



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