I know a lot of rootworkers, black witches, brujas, and brujos don’t live near botanicas or know of black-owned, legitimate places to order online!

Yeyeo Botanica is a black-owned botanica that sells a wide variety of Africana and Afro-Latine spiritual products both for delivery in the US online and in their physical store in Newark, NJ where they offer traditional readings for various ATRs, workshops, and classes. They even offer Skype/phone readings, which although not the ideal way can still be very helpful for some folks!

For nonblack, nonLatine folks, yes you can shop here too! Just make sure to stay away from buying products related to ATRs (African traditional religions), hoodoo, and brujeria. But if you want to support this business, you could buy something like a regular soap, plain candles, or (non-palo santo) incense.

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